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S.No Questions Answer
1 How can I register on NSNAMatrimonial.org? Registering with NSNAMatrimonial is easy & free. Just click on the Register now and all you need to do is just fill our Registration form. Click here
2 Who can register with NSNAMatrimonial.org? NSNAMatrimonial site is being designed exclusively for NRI Nagarathar Brides and Grooms.
3 Why do you need to upload ID proof ? To help create and maintain a trusted environment and avoid invalid profiles, we collect identity verification information and authenticate your profile. Also whatever the reason, your ID will never be shared with anyone. All the information will be stored in a secured database
4 Why India number cannot be added as Mobile number & Chettiar Reference
Mobile No. ?
Since this site is exclusively designed for NRI Nagarathar Bride & groom, India phone number is restricted
Chettiar reference number might be used by admin to validate if the profile is from Nagarathar & also NRI.
5 What is Mobile Number Verification? All the profiles are verified with NRI mobile number, assuring our members 100% connect with their prospective matches.
You will receive OTP for mobile number verification.
6 If ID proof & Photo match fails, what should I do? The site verifies if your id and Profile picture is matched. if the auto matching is failed, we will verify manually and approve the request. If your id or picture is not clear, we would request again through registered email.
7 When will I receive the activation link You will receive the activation link once your photo is uploaded & approved.
8 Do I get to choose my NSNAID? The NSNAIDs are system generated and cannot be chosen by the member.
9 How can Edit profile Picture ? Under My profile, there will upload photo option. You can use that option to edit or upload maximum of 8 photos.
Also you can upload short video in addition to profile picture
10 Can I edit all my details ? In My profile tab, you have edit profile option. You can add additional information or edit already existing information.
11 Why am I am unable to edit certain fields on my profile? You will not be able to edit date of birth, Gender, email etc. To make any changes to your profile, please contact us @ admin@nsnamatrimonial.org or nsnamatrimonial@achi.org.
12 Can I hide my photo for other members? Yes, you have option to "Hide for all" or "View to all" in the upload photo tab.
It will be defaulted to "View to all".
Click here to edit
13 How do I upload Horoscope? Once you logged in, in the My profile tab drop down, you have an option to upload Horoscope. Once its is approved by system, it will be shown to others
14 What is profile completeness? It indicates whether or not you have updated all the important details about yourself.
More details improve profile credibility.
15 How to search the profile? What are the search option available? Quick Search : Allows you to search for the profile as per basic criteria like age, Marital status, Kovil , Pirivu, Native Place, Country of living and education.
Advanced search : Advanced Search is the most comprehensive search that searches across all profile information. The results of this search will be closer to your expectations..
Profession Search: You can search & filter using the keywords. Example - Kovil, First name, Native place, Country
ID search: Find profiles faster with id search. E.g. : NSNA222
16 What is partner Preference? In Edit profile, you will have option to add Partner Preference and this will help you to find perfect match you are looking for.
Partner Preference is visible to others so that Bride/Groom contact you if they match your Preference. Also you matches will be listed based your Preference.
17 Will you be able to shortlist/Block list profile? Yes, you can shortlist the profile using the Shortlist button and it will be stored in your shortlist tab in hoe screen. Similarly you will be able to block profiles and the blocked person will not be able to see your details,
18 How do I contact bride or groom if interested? You can click on Send interest option to send your interest and you will be able to see the contact details once user approved your request. You can also use send message link to send your message to other profiles.
19 How to accept Interest sent by other bride or groom? In Home tab, on left hand side you have option to view all the profiles sent interest to you and once you approved you will be able to view their contact details & able to chat with them
20 How do I see my messages? Under My profile tab dropdown you will have option for "My Messages"
21 How do I know who else is online? You will be having an option on bottom right corner to chat with members who has accepted interest and interest accepted by you. It will show list of members who are online and available for chat.
22 How to restrict other members seeing my contact details? you will be able to control your privacy setting in with the link here
Set "Contact settings" to "Show to only express interest accepted members.". It will be defaulted to "Show to all members"
23 How do I reset password? Please use forgot password link in home page. Click here
24 How do I change my password You will be able to change your password here
25 How do I contact admin/customer care ? Please reach out to us @ admin@nsnamatrimonial.org
or nsnamatrimonial@achi.org. You will be able to submit your enquiry or feedback in Help tab.